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Preston Stempler hgIn his 28 years as an airline pilot, Preston Stempler has experience on B-757/767, A320, B-737, B-727, BA-4100, BA-3200, EMB-120 aircraft.  In 1989 Preston began flying at FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach.  After obtaining his Commercial Certificates, he transferred to Comair Aviation Academy where he completed his Flight Instructor Certificates.  Following his two years as a Flight Instructor at Comair Aviation Academy, he was hired by Atlantic Coast Airlines where he flew EMB-120, BA-3200, and BA-4100 aircraft.  In 1997, he was hired by a United Air Lines, where he has time on both Boeing and Airbus aircraft flying both international and domestic flights.  Preston is currently a B-757/767 Captain.

Preston grew up on Long Island and went to the University of Vermont where he was a Biology major.  Currently he lives in rural Virginia where he is a volunteer Fire Fighter.  With a love for the outdoors, he is most frequently found on his mountain bike or hiking.