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SleepTestingHomeHome Sleep Testing

When indicated, testing can often be performed at home with a number of sleep devices. Diagnosis of occult sleep disorders can often be accomplished within 24 hours of the test. The reliability, sensitivity and specificity of many home testing units have improved over time. Disposable non-invasive technology with enhanced algorithms are now available for rapid distribution and data collection. These do not require the subject to return any hardware. Post-treatment testing is also essential to ensure adequate resolution of an underlying sleep disorder.

SleepTestingLabIn-lab Sleep Testing

Occasionally the home study will not provide an adequate diagnostic evaluation for a sleep disorder. In those cases, a polysomnogram (PSG), an in-lab overnight test, may be required to help with the assessment. A sleep technologist places sticky pad leads on the person and monitors for the duration of the study.

Lab testing can be performed in existing facilities or tailored to fit the situational requirements. Mobile sleep testing units can be deployed globally when indicated. Studies are scored by registered sleep technologists and read by board certified sleep medicine specialists.